Breath and Movement

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Independent Breath Facilitator
Her training included 160 hours of practical&theoretical knowledge and 2 years of travelling in South Africa, Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey with the breath community that she was part of. During this period she worked as a facilitator, organiser and simultaneous translator of the trainer.

Between February 2012 and October 2013 as a participant she participated two seminars and a facilitator training.
As a breath facilitator she worked at six seminars and a facilitator training.
In 2013 she stayed 3 months in Arunachala Mountain, South India.

Two Week Breath Facilitator Training
Understanding breath analysis
Recognising different breath patterns
Focused intention through self-inquiry
Life Coaching

A Six Day Seminar
Includes; 2 breath sessions daily, Tibetan five rights, Dyadic Soul Communication, Forgiveness Exercise, Water Breathing, Byron Katie-The Work, Meditative Dance Practice and Sound Practice.

Learning Process
Utilising breath as the primary tool to provide resources for health, vitality and balance.
Utilising 'conscious connected diaphragmatic breath' to attain and practice with higher forms of consciousness in our daily life.
Using breath as a means of communication to externalise emotions and thoughts, and to reshape the relationship of individuals and their perspective of life.
Gaining mind and body awareness, and physical sensibility.
Partaking in a variety of activities of self-empowerment.
Coaching individuals; developing an understanding of how the mind works, exploring themes of their minds and comprehend levels of listening.

Breathwork also called 'breath therapy' is an alternative therapy model in which the body is reminded to breathe naturally with a focus on the main muscle of respiration; the diaphragm. Each person develops a unique breath pattern parallel to their life experience. During this natural process [a breath session] allowing any change within the existing pattern intrinsically opens up possibilities for change to take place in the relationship between that person and her/his life depending on the person’s eagerness and openness.

Breathwork can also be a powerful tool to train the body and the mind and therefore to reveal the real potential of one’s self. Your breathing is an accurate indicator of your emotions. It can easily be observed how emotions and thoughts can affect the ease and rhythm of one’s breathing.

The purpose of receiving breath sessions is to become aware of your breath, to be comfortable in your breath, and use it as a tool to know yourself.

The ultimate intent of this model is to learn to do self-sessions in order to become self-sufficient and maintain a consistency for an open diaphragm.

See the article as part of the research topic; "Brain-mind-body practice and health" published in 2017, June 6.


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Fall-in Contact Improvisation Festival with the organising team working under the guidance of Defne Erdur, Fethiye, Turkey
Skinner Releasing Technique into CI with Eszter Gal.
Co-teachings (“Tact-Teach”) by Katja Mustonen(Fi), Filip Wencki(PL), Jurij Konjar(SI), Laura Doehler(DE), Defne Erdur(TR) and Eszter Gal(HU).

“Fall in CI” is an intensive gathering around Contact Improvisation (CI); a research and exchange meeting through the dance form. It is a platform to experience and embody in-depth the different aspects of CI and its connections to other disciplines that it feeds from and feeds back to.

25 hours with Keith Hennessy, ImpulsTanz, Vienna, Austria
Shamanic Improvisation Potential
An experiment to investigate the relationship between improvised dance, performance and shamanism. 
Provocation X Care with Keith Hennessy
A laboratory to re-consider performance tactics.

Somatic Movement Teacher Training part 1 with Dieter Rehberg
50 hours, ImpulsTanz, Vienna, Austria
Emphasises on the heedful and caring perception of bodily processes and movements. The somatic dialogue, the sensing as question and answer enhances self-organisation and development of a person. Somatic Movement simplifies the principles of the Physio-Mental Development method.

Physical Theatre with Bedirhan Dehmen 
Spring Semester Year, Guest Student, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
“Learning through experience” study of physical theatre, which refers to an eclectic theatrical style focusing on the unfolding of a narrative/story through physical acts.
Articulation, energy and spatial awareness; Moving together: contact improvisation and partnering; Physical and social-emotional risk taking: mutual trust, games of survival, and inclusion vs. exclusion; Bodies as objects; Physicality and the world.

Body-Focused Art with Tuğçe Tuna [simultaneously with 'Portfolio Design, Presentation, Criticism' course]
10 Days, Nesin Mathematics Village, Şirince, Turkey
Investigation of the attitude of energy of movement and its relation to time and space via contemporary movement techniques, improvisation methods and somatic theories. 
Body coordination and improvement of physical capacity.
Understanding psychical habits of individuals and deepening body mind connection by focusing on movement mechanic and emotional perception.

Nesin Mathematics Village is an educational village in Şirince [İzmir, Turkey] owned by the Nesin Foundation which has been active in educational activities since 1982. With a focus on 'thinking about mathematics' the village hosts short-term courses in Philosophy, Art, Logic, and Mathematics for students at all ages.

The Ricean School of Dance with the organising team working under the guidance of Vitoria Kotsalou.
10 Days, Hydra Island, Greece

Includes; Excavation Sites, Parliament, Personal Cosmologies, Embedments [as proposed by Michael Kliën], bench-talks [as proposed by Edd Schouten], Day out of Time [as proposed by Vitoria Kotsalou], Freedom Dance [as proposed by Jeffrey Gormly].

Founded in 2013, R.I.C.E. is a cultural initiative on Hydra Island [Greece], bringing together renowned artists, thinkers, and local citizens. Dedicated to exploring the choreography of humans it aims to envision human relations [personal, political and social] with the sensibilities of an artist, poet, dancer.
RSOD is a summer gathering of around 50 artists and engaged citizens to develop and engage new artistic and social strategies. It is a self-actuated School, in-depth research in a setting of aesthetic abundance, and an opportunity to radically and thoroughly reimagine practices of dance and choreography.