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Guest Student, Koc University, Fall Semester Year, İstanbul

Brain and Behaviour
Brain processes involved in perception, motivation,
aggression, emotions, attention, psychopathology and learning.
Personality Theories
Major personality theories, including psychodynamic,
social learning, cognitive, and trait-theory approaches.

Guest Student, Koc University, Spring Semester Year, İstanbul

Physical Theatre, Bedirhan Dehmen
“Learning through experience” study of physical theatre, which refers to an eclectic theatrical style focusing on the unfolding of a narrative/story through physical acts.
Introduction to Cognitive Science
An introductory course focusing on how mind works, describing different theories and methodologies of the different disciplines with the objective of an integrated understanding.


A Year Program, University of Arts London, Design Management, London
Attended MA program, withdrawn without submitting a dissertation.

B.A., Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Semester Year Exchange Program, Barcelona

B.A., London College of Economics and Political Science, Short-term Exchange Program, London

B.A., Koç University, Business + a Year English Preparation, İstanbul


”MOVING BREATH”, Workshop for Corporate and Groups
Designed for individuals and teams to construct new relationships with themselves and each other “MOVING BREATH” is an experience which combines breath and movement practices. It focuses on listening, empathy, trust and exploring alternative dialogue forms. It can be considered as a team-building activity as well as to a way to relax, de-stress and re-energise team members/employees. It is a customised and interactive workshop.
Facilitated within a partnership of Merve Purde.

CIRCUIT İstanbul, A Not-for-profit Organisation, Founder & Director
Discovering and creating possibilities.
2013-2015 Director
2015-2018 Outreach & Organisational Management
November 2018-… Director

Independent Breath Facilitator, private and group sessions
Utilising breath as the primary tool to provide resources for health, vitality and balance.
Utilising 'conscious connected diaphragmatic breath' to attain and practice with higher forms of consciousness in our daily life.
Using breath as a means of communication to externalise emotions and thoughts, and to reshape the relationship of individuals and their perspective of life.
Gaining mind and body awareness, and physical sensibility.
Coaching individuals; developing an understanding of how the mind works and exploring themes of their minds and deepening.


Definition of Art Group, Fall Semester Year, İstanbul

Between 8th of November 2018 - … she has been attending the art event; “Bertrand Russell, The Philosophy of Logical Atomism" that was held in STTM.


Definition of Art Group, Spring Semester Year, İstanbul
Between 2nd of November 2017 - May 2018 she has been attending the art event; “A. J. Ayer Language, Truth, and Logic" that was held in STTM.

Definition of Art Group [Sanat Tanımı Topluluğu/STT] realizes an intellectual event based on art, philosophy, science, logic, and mathematics within “installations” that consists of several objects with textual, visual and audial elements, in a specific space, time with participants in a performative way since 1972.



Sustainable Fashion Platform is a social & environmental impact initiation with an ultimate purpose of transforming the fashion and textile ecosystem in Turkey with a sustainability focus. It has eleven other founding members including Ülkü Çağlayan. Since 27 November 2017, fifteen meetings took place. The first small event was held on 9 June 2018 and the second one, on 5 January 2019. The platform is looking into ways to create a consistency and stability.


Guest at a class with focusing theme of “change”. Visual Story Telling course at Bilgi University, with lecturer Gökhan Eryaman.
2017 CIRCUIT ISTANBUL Presentation about Alternative Uses of Space, Department of Architecture Bilgi University, Istanbul
2017 CIRCUIT ISTANBUL Participation at Environment Festivali, organised by Municipality of Kadıköy.
2016 CIRCUIT ISTANBUL Participation at Güzel Bir Gün Festival as one of the social responsible projects.
2016 CIRCUIT ISTANBUL Talk for PAWI, Professional American Women in Istanbul with co-founder of CIRCUIT, Jessica Sim


All activities and trainings regarding “movement research” and “breathwork” has been listed on the “Breath and Movement” section.


Lucky by birth; has been raised with contradictions, love and bravery.

But, had an irrelevant educational life.

Intellectual processes such as thinking with awareness, analysing, questioning, writing, and exploring their relationship to each other have been her favoured activities.

Change 1: In 2012 encountered breathwork while pursuing her curiosity on the concept of self [who am I].

Started flirting with the change while being trained within the breath facilitation/ mind coaching.

A compelling interest in understanding human mind and concept of change has arisen. A process of divesting oneself of the old one has begun.

For about 3 years, she devoted an intensive amount of time on breath practices and travelled with the breath community she was part of.

Being captivated by simultaneous translation she did for the trainer she developed magical skills in listening.

Change 2: In 2013, during her travels encountered permaculture principles in South Africa.

In December 2013, she founded CIRCUIT ISTANBUL from an eagerness to represent the possibility of change.

Change 3: In June 2015, wanted to know what art was.

Since then, she continues her self-studies through performative researches, alternative educational centres, and institutions to inquiry into the fields of movement, performance art, and conceptual art.

During this time she had the opportunity to interact with people she values; Erin Manning and Michael Klein in RiceonHydra, Bedirhan Dehmen as she recently completed a semester at Koc University to receive his course “Psychical Theatre” and lastly Keith Hennessey at Impulstanz.

She is currently a guest student at Koc University taking psychology classes and working on her postgraduate applications.

Besides independently giving private breath sessions and group sessions at CIRCUIT Istanbul, she offers “MOVING BREATH” [a practice combining movement and breath practices] to companies with her ‘movement facilitator’ partner, Merve Purde.

Her current breath and movement practice focuses on nature of mind, change, and experimenting new forms of dialogue, as well as investigates concepts of weirdness and provocation.

Since October 2018 Ülkü is back to directing CIRCUIT’s programming with a new direction on art and movement.

For CIRCUIT’s archive between 2013-2018 check here.