CIRCUIT was born from an eagerness to creatively embody sustainable living. The idea first appeared in June 2013 when I encountered permaculture design on an off-the-grid farm in South Africa.  

December 2013 - April 2016, Çukurcuma
September 2016-...., Yeldeğirmeni

CIRCUIT Designer Bazaars, 2014-2017, Cukurcuma, Yeldegirmeni


Having grown up in the city, the experience for me was magical and extreme. The fact that highly intelligent ecological design could turn waste into resources presented me with a whole new approach towards life. I experienced a dramatic change of purpose during my stay on the farm. This change, combined with my focus on alternative and performative languages, came together in the founding of CIRCUIT, which opened in December 2013 as a sustainable lifestyle centre with future dreams of becoming alternative learning centre. It was founded on the bases of self-sufficiency with an integrated approach to life, aiming to reflect my innermost values and realisation of self.

In South Africa, I came across up-cycled products for the first time, such as hats, made from unwanted t-shirts, and made and worn by the permaculturists. These hats were material representatives which embody nature’s principles. Given the context, time and the hat’s relation to its surroundings and the maker of the hats I merely saw the hat as CIRCUIT to be. The core concept then was called Sustainable Creativity. While creating this context named “CIRCUI”, I was mainly sure of its idea and its ability to respond to change with creativity. The rest unfolded as a process of observing, interacting, allowing, and applying small and slow solutions. My concept-driven approach to CIRCUIT designated my relationship to it in such a way; I only saw endless possibilities around Sustainable Creativity. One day I met two eco-artists, Jessica Sim and Paul Brownlee who were already connected to the hat. Their approach was different; and since our encounter, CIRCUIT has embraced socially engaged art as its language for valuing change. At that point, I stepped back from managing its activities and focused on outreach and organisational development while Paul and Jess became co-founders.

CIRCUIT -although changing form- has been active in its notion more than five years now.

It organised and hosted more than 300 activities by its team composed of people with multidisciplinary and diverse backgrounds.

To find out more about what CIRCUIT is now and how it has evolved after 2018 please visit.